Why Use an X4Labs Extender

Most men stop and wonder if a particular penis extender works. If your one of those that are a little unsure, we have compiled information here so that you can get a better scope of the principles behind the extenders offered at X4Labs.

What if you can permanently increase the size of your penis by up to 3 inches in length and 50% in girth

This is not a magic trick, a gimmick nor a toy. With the right extenders you can grow your penis by an average of 30%, both in girth and length. You may come to question what penis extenders will do for you. Many extenders offer a wide array of options with added incentives; however you may fall prey at the fact that 60% just don’t work, regardless of the duration. Also to note that if an extender has the right design; it may safely rebuild the tissues in time. The extenders at X4labs have a scientific backing to effectively increase girth and length meanwhile being safe for the shaft.

Customer at X4Labs Wrote:

My flaccid size is almost twice what it used to be, X4Labs works.
Submitted By: Daniel S.
Location: Cosa Mesa, California

Backed by numerous clinical studies for its R&D operations, the product had undergone rigorous testing

A little research on X4Labs will give you insights that this isn’t just a typical run-of-the-mill penis enlargement device. Backed by numerous clinical studies for its R&D operations, the product had undergone rigorous testing. Thousands upon thousands of men have seen effective results and are happy. With a huge number of satisfied clients, X4Labs maintains its name at offering better products and services.

It all started in the 1990’s in North America, when the need had arisen to improve upon the flaws of the older penis enlargement systems. An extender was the best way to achieve permanent size and therefore a team of medical staffs and engineers went to work and everything else is history. With FDA and CE certification, this penis extender is safe and effective.

At a glance, their clinical studies comprises of the following key components in their system

2-in-1 Hybrid Support System
Comfort Strap Technology
2100 Gram Dual Spring Tension Technology
Memory Foam Padding for Maximum Comfort

The Hybrid Support System is based on the design on the principal of traction where the silicon strap and classic noose are harnessed into one forming what is known as the 2-in-1 hybrid system. It is then able to complement the Comfort Strap Technology to a much wider extent in that the traditional silicone tubing is replaced by a one-inch wide silicone strap that gently “hugs” the penis body to the device. Years ago, this system simply held the penis body in place, but the design of the new product has a “hold and hug” mechanism so that the wearer feels the comfort and fit immediately – without awkward adjustments. This technology has been tested and is CE approved with a Class 1 rating and FDA certified.

X4Labs Extender Package Comparison

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Material Quality and Finish
Extension Bars
Tension Springs
3-in-1 Hybrid Support Piece
Wider Girth Base
Box Type
Instruction Booklet
Instructional CD-Rom
Video Tutorial
Training Program
Support Forum
Comfort Strap
Silicone Harness
Comfort Strap Memory Foam
Silicone Harness Memory Foam
PenisAccess.com Membership
Erotic Better Sex Guide DVD
Seductive Better Sex Guide DVD
3-in-1 Hybrid Support System
Customizable Loop Fastening System
Cleansing Mousse
Cleansing Solution
Post-Stretch Lidocaine USP Spray