Penis Extender Upgrade Kit

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Like software, you need upgrades that are compatible with the components of your operating system.  X4 Labs extender universal upgrade kit delivers this compatibility with no snags attached!

Your X4 Labs universal upgrade kit includes 2 comfort straps, 2 adjustment screws, memory foam padding, and the universal hybrid support piece.growth-guaranteed-seal

Comfort Straps

The comfort straps you get with your upgrade kit were developed using the advanced comfort strap technology of X4 Labs.  This technology includes the following features:

  • Comfortable “hold and hug” feature – the one-inch width of the straps allows for flexible maneuvering and adjusting.  Straps in the market today are designed with a view to economizing on materials.  X4 Labs wants to ensure that the wearer is not in any way short-changed when it comes to comfort.
  • Compatibility with all extender models – X4 Labs extender comfort straps will fit into whatever extender edition you have.  The 3-in-1 hybrid support accommodates comfort straps to a T without any added adjustment.

Adjustment Screws

X4 Labs has carefully selected its screw manufacturer so that the screws that come with your upgrade or extender edition package carry the assurance that they meet all norms and standards.  Your extenders are made in Canada.  This means you have the company’s guarantee that they comply with manufacturing rules.  In addition, the tiny components that hold your extender and make it work – like the screws – are also factory-compliant.

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X4 Labs Extender Peyronie’s Edition

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The Progression of Correcting Curvature with the Peyronies Edition


For those who’d rather not go under the knife (surgery to correct penis curvature is a complex procedure, requiring as long as 2-1/2 hours in some cases), or for those who hesitate to take medication and injections, X4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition is an excellent alternative. The fear of an incorrect surgical procedure and side effects from medication are totally eliminated.

The X4Labs extender Peyronie’s edition will correct curvature of the penis. The before and after photos that show the gradual normalization during month 1, month 2 and month 3 can be seen here:

Versatility is the inherent feature of the X4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition because it integrates the use of either silicone tubes or silicone straps. Whatever the man is comfortable with and whatever the number of hours he decides to wear the extender has no bearing on the effectiveness of the extender. It will correct the disorder and at the same time gives males the ability to sexually perform with heightened pleasure, provided that consistent wearing of the extender is achieved. Some men will wear it for as long as 6-8 hours; others prefer shorter periods. Both are fine. The idea is to be consistent.

The x4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition comes with the spring loaded assembly and the new hybrid support system – two standard features that are found in all of our products. Customers also receive:

calibrated tension springs – 2 units at 1600 grams
silicone harnesses – 2 units
comfort straps – 2 units
memory foam comfort pads – 4
extension bars (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
exercise e-book, instructional booklet
Vitamin E boost

X4 Labs’ clinical study as well as its research and development efforts have proven that an increased intake of Vitamin E may help alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. This is also confirmed by the Mayo Clinic:

Natural sources of Vitamin E include wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts, brocolli, spinach, mango, kiwi and others. The National Institutes of Health say that Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant.

If surgery is out of the question and there are potential allergies to medication, the most viable alternative to treating Peyronie’s disease is the extender from x4 Labs which was developed and designed specifically to deal with this abnormality.

Your extender package is shipped free of charge and comes with a five year warranty. The company states that results can be expected in six months.

mayo clinic

In treating Peyronie’s disease, Mayo Clinic urologists examine for the build-up of hard plaque and for fibrous tissues in the penis.  The existence of fibrous tissue is determined by doing an ultrasound.  To induce an erection, physicians have to sometimes inject the penis with medication.

Peyronie’s disease occurs when hard plaque builds up under the penis skin.  This condition usually affects men who are between 45 and 60 years old but it can affect anyone.  Causes of Peyronie’s disease are not known, but the Mayo Clinic thinks that men can get it because of a previous surgery that may have caused penis trauma, genetic factors, or an unusual amount of shock during intercourse.  When a man has Peyronie’s disease, it becomes difficult for him to penetrate his partner during intercourse as there is potential pain and swelling.

Girth Base

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When it comes to penis enhancement, two essential issues come to light:  length and girth.  We hear more about penis length than we do about girth.  Most men desire length, some are more interested in girth.  The x4 Labs extender girth edition was developed for the second group of men.

But let’s explain girth first.  The X4 Deluxe Penis Extender Girth Edition has the same trappings as the X4 labs Deluxe Extender except for one difference.  Key action is on enhancing the girth, or width of the penis.  Girth is defined by the “distance around something”, so in this case it would be, roughly speaking, the diameter.  To illustrate it better, here is a rough drawing that shows the difference between length and girth.

The length is the distance from where the pubic hairs start to all the way down to the meatus or glans.  The girth (in yellow) is where the yellow arrows are, going around the penis. If you study the before and after photos of the x4 Labs extender which you can find here:
(you’ll see that the photos focus on length, not the girth.)

Now the question:  how does one correctly measure girth?  The girth is measured by taking the widest area either at the head, shaft or base. For most men, the average girth size during erection is about 4 inches.  Teenage boys have a smaller girth, but their girth size grows as they get older.

The x4 Labs extender girth edition stands on its own merits:  At the most affordable price of $349.95 ($299.95 if you use Promo Code DISC50), you get the same spring loaded assembly and new hybrid support system that can complement the silicone harness and comfort strap technology.  Plus:

2 calibrated tension springs (1600 grams each)
2 silicone harnesses
2 comfort straps
4 memory foam comfort pads
Elongation bars (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
CD ROM with video tutorials and exercises
Instruction booklet

After benefiting from the 50$ discount, you will also enjoy free shipping and a 5-year warranty that are also included in the x4 Labs extender girth edition.

Some males have asked if the extender girth edition really works.  That’s like asking, will the deltoids increase in size with gym workouts and repetitive stress?  You’ve seen how lanky, undefined men turn into muscular and well-defined creatures after a fitness program that includes cardio and weights workouts.

Granted, the penis is NOT a muscle, but 2/3 of the penis is muscle-like in structure.  That means that while it will not grow as spectacularly as deltoids and biceps do when they are subject to pressure from the weights, the constant amounts of stress provided by the calibrated tension springs can stimulate the penis’ cell tissues.

The girth edition has a wide base ring that will allow for a comfortable and snug fit.

The CD ROM and instructional booklets are bonuses thrown in your girth edition package to help you monitor your girth progress.

X4 Labs Comfort Straps

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X4 Labs Extender Comfort Straps:  Defining True Comfort

If you have experimented with penis enhancement devices in the past and you’re starting to feel some frustration about not being able to hold them in place, don’t give up just yet.  Read our discussion forums and x4 Labs penis extender reviews so you can evaluate our product on your own terms.  By adding to our inventory of x4 Labs extender reviews, you can help others overcome the same frustration.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We’re taking steps to build a vast database about the x4 Labs extender so that user knowledge grows.  We are particularly interested in before and after testimonials from actual long term users.

Back to the comfort issue.  Marketing tests have repeatedly shown that customers will continue to use a product if two fundamental needs are met:  (a)  ease and comfort of use and (b)  concrete results.  These two go hand in hand.  Buying a penis enhancement device is like buying a software program.  Uppermost in the mind of a potential client is, is it user-friendly?

Okay, you say “been there, done that… most of those straps fall short.  They’re not designed to be compatible with prolonged use of extenders, reason why men endlessly fumble as they adjust for the right position.”

We’ll explain.  As far as straps go, the # 1 priority is to provide comfort.  For x4 Labs, comfort integrates what we call the three Fs:

  • fit
  • flexibility
  • function

This is why with all the R&D dollars we’ve invested in both the design and clinical study which you can read about here, we weren’t 100% “comfortable” about calling them just “comfort straps.”  Our rigorous manufacturing process convinced us that our x4 Labs extender device deserves to be described as the Advanced Comfort Strap Technology.

Advanced Comfort Strap Technology

Before we talk about our advanced comfort strap technology, let’s backtrack a few steps and discuss silicone briefly.

Why silicone?

Scientists who have worked with silicone will tell you that:

  • it is known for its strength, flexibility and durability when silicone is molded, it results in a finished rubber ideal as a sealant, membrane or connector
  • an industrial company in Nevada that manufactures silicone products say that when it comes to making cushions (a.k.a. comfort) for equipment, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures and rugged handling.
  • it is odorless and stable.  It may not be suitable for large-size items, but is ideal for smaller items that need to be flexible and resistant to wear and tear.

X4 Labs did not focus only in what the end product will look like, but it also took into account the raw materials that would be used in manufacturing.  The next consideration was to increase the length and width of the comfort strap so that the user does not worry about obtaining a snug fit.

Almost a year ago now, a comment from the forums led the company to re-work some elements of the design (patent is pending) to address the complaint of slippage:penis extender forum post

Fast forward:  the complaint has been solved and the comfort straps – now with better grip – have transitioned from being just straps to advanced comfort straps.

In reading x4 Labs extender reviews, the company’s Patent Pending Advanced Comfort Strap Technology integrates well into the extender’s 3-in-1 hybrid support system, regardless of the length of the elongation bars and tension rods.  You can easily detect inferior comfort straps:  they lose their grip and stretch with long term use, making adhesion and connection impossible.

Given the larger surface area, x4 Labs extender comfort straps pass the test for steady grip, slippage and non-restrictive blood flow.  Males with larger than average length and girth will appreciate the Advanced Comfort Strap Technology for its high tolerance to tension.

Penis Extender Bonus Items

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Perking Up Your Penis:  Take Advantage of These Bonus Perks

In reading a few x4 Labs extender reviews, people said our extenders were a tad expensive.  What these reviews failed to mention, however, was that the component of quality was factored into the manufacturing process.towel-measuring-tape-lube

In your experience as a consumer, how many times have you taken a piece of merchandise into your hands and felt that it lacked durability, unable to sustain normal wear and tear?

You don’t get that feeling with the x4 Labs extender.  That partly explains the high price.  You see, you’re making an investment into what is probably your most important physical asset.  Women never hesitate to invest in a good brassiere for breast contour and enhancement, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your penis?

The other thing that x4 Labs extender reviews fail to mention is that you immediately enjoy some exciting bonuses and gain access to a rich database of penis enhancement information.

x4 penis extender gold editionSome examples:

With the X4 Gold Premium Edition, you not only receive free access to a penis enhancement program but you also receive two DVDs that contain useful tutorials on how to have better sex with your partner.  A product’s success depends on its design.  It also depends on how it addresses the how, why, and when of the sex act.  Without good, pleasurable sex (and who says you’re not entitled to good sex?), a device is of no use or is under-utilized at best.  These DVDs alone cost $200.00.  If you deducted that from your purchase price, how much do you end up paying?

Full description of the X4 Gold Premium Edition is here:  The boxed text tells you what you get with it (you’re not just getting DVDs by the way).

With the X4 Gold Edition, you receive one interactive Better Sex DVD.  Learn and discover about several sexual positions that you and your partner can experiment with (at least 30 positions).  The daily grind of our working lives robs us of imagination and creativity by the time we get ready for love-making.  After awhile, the same position, the same foreplay approach, and the hurried and premature orgasm will eventually lead to disappointment and disillusion – not just your partner’s but also yours.  The Gold Edition bonus pack offers over 30 positions up front.

Crunch the figures:  that’s 30 days of different carnal techniques.  With 30 new techniques, chances are you’ll be revving up your sexual performance several notches.  Take all 30 or just choose three or four.  That’s still a lot better than the same one act every night!  Why not ask the men about it? (

Full description of the Gold Deluxe bonuses and perks here:

Oops – the Gold Deluxe Edition also comes with a $50.00 gift card.  Again crunch the figures.  After these perks and bonuses, what was your final cost?

Don’t go to bed without it.  Whether you go for the Gold Deluxe or for the Gold Limited, you also receive a PenisAccess Penis Exercise membership ( where you can expand your sexual knowledge and at the same time have the ability to test it with your brand new x4 Labs extender device.After you’ve tried it for 180 days and provided you performed the exercises faithfully as recommended in the DVDs, then you can join in the chorus and answer the question, does the x4 Labs extender really work?

Quote promo code DISC50 or DISC25 to shave off another $50.00.  When you quote those codes, remember to use upper case letters (i.e. the promo code must be typed in caps).

We’ve done the math for you.  Go for either the Premium or Deluxe and see what you’re actually paying:


The above calculations don’t include the $50.00 gift card.  But call us and we’ll explain the numbers!

How X4 Labs Extenders Work

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It’s fine to write an x4 Lab review and to extol the virtues of this product-in-development, but the review shouldn’t stop at testimonials. We say product-in-development because while it’s already being marketed, sold and used by thousands of satisfied customers, x4 Labs has not stopped looking for ways to improve on the “specs.” x4 Lab extender reviews wouldn’t be complete without zeroing in on the product’s technical features.

The X4 Labs penis extenders evolved from the traction principle.

In the past, ancient tribesmen practiced a form of gradual neck elongation with the use of rings. The women wore rings stacked one on top of the other until their entire neck is covered. Eventually the neck lengthens and another ring is worn. This process is repeated for the desired length.  Strangely for women, it is said to be associated to beauty and wealth, and there is no complaining to the attraction to long and elegant look that it gives to a woman.  Similarly the penis extenders at X4 Labs lengthen the penis to a desired length.  It also increased the girth.

The penis extenders at X4 Labs function by the same principal. The penis is gently and safely stretched by the extender but with the use of more advanced techniques, to safely and effectively increase the length and also build its girth.

Speaking of specs, why don’t we focus on spring tension?

Eons ago, women in native African lands wore rings around their necks for elongation. Thanks to advances in technology, x4 Labs took that same concept and used a few of its principles to design their penis extender.

Remember that the word “tension” connotes force, loading, and maybe a bit of friction – you need all three to obtain tension in varying degrees. The amount of tension one feels is purely subjective; that is, what may be high intensity for male A could be low intensity for male B. A few fortunate ones in fact don’t feel any tension at all when wearing their penis extenders.

The x4 Labs extender is equipped with:

• High strength spring tension – up to 2100 grams

• Three distinct spring tension settings: 700 grams (strong), 1400 grams (stronger) and 2100 grams (strongest)

• Elongation bars of varying lengths

• Tension rods of varying strengthsMeasuring-tape

If you examine an x4 Labs extender up close, you’ll notice that the bars and tension rods are developed with engineering precision. The elongation bars are available in sizes from 1/3 to 4 inches, either precision-machined (gray/black) or gold.

The reason for using gold to coat x4 Labs extender rods constitutes one of the company’s USP (unique selling point). Gold is ductile (meaning it’s flexible and pliant) and malleable (meaning it can be changed to conform to measurements without breaking or cracking). This explains why x4 Labs penis extenders are priced closer towards the high-end. Without the necessary investment in quality materials, penis extenders can’t perform the job they’re supposed to.

Common question: won’t tension bars constrict blood vessels and decrease circulation?

Modern Design

Constriction can be triggered by improper handling, but the graduated loads of 700, 1400 and 2100 grams actually solves this problem. The second solution lies in the comfort strap technology inherent in all products sold by x4 Labs.

And while the company does not want to mention pain, let’s be honest. The statement, “no pain, no gain” still rings true. Initially, there will be a certain degree of discomfort and maybe some mild pain, yes, but the manufacturers of x4 Labs extenders ensured that comfort and custom fit far outweigh the physical inconveniences.

Here’s an excerpt from the forums regarding correct manipulation of the elongation bars (bear in mind that different males experience different situations when they first use the x4 Labs Penis extender device):

Finally, one advantage of penis extenders over penis pumps, penis weights, penis pills and penis cream is that the possibility of these extenders not working effectively is just about nil. Users have 100% control over the application of force and tension. Don’t forget that all extenders also have the unique memory foam padding developed by x4 Labs to help offset discomfort.