X4 Labs Extender Gold Premium Edition

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The President says:

It isn’t over, our clinical study will continue indefinitely because we want more men to participate and provide valuable feedback

This product review for the X4 Labs extender is based on an interview with the president of X4 Labs Richard O., the X4 Labs founder and president.  He has been pleased with the public’s approval of the X4 Labs extender. Although he thinks the entire product line deserve equal praise, he agreed to talk about the gold premium edition, the signature product that evolved from a lengthy research study.

There’s nothing like it in the market today. I’m proud to say that our efforts are paying off.

The company president said that he has decided to give away 500 x4 extenders to any male who is interested in trying it to see if the company’s claims about improved penis length and girth can be supported and confirmed. “It’s just for a limited time; 500 units isn’t a lot, but we’re hoping that all 500 users will share their experience. At this stage of our product development, I’m not expecting substantial criticism, but we’re looking for honest appraisals of our extender because we want to continue improving its design and features. There’s nothing like it in the market today. I’m proud to say that our efforts are paying off.”

Excerpts from the interview follow:

Q: Why did you come up with different versions of your product? Wouldn’t it have been easier and more economical to promote one?

A: That’s a good question. You’re right, it would have been a lot easier and certainly more economical. The reasons for offering different products are to obviously cater to a broader client base, given that penis size and penis concerns are not universal. It’s all based on the thinking – different men, different penis sizes, different needs. We’re also aware that not every male who wants a bigger penis is prepared to pay the price of the x4 Labs extender gold premium. So in adjusting the price, we had to adjust the features for each. Although we have different editions, all products are equal in terms of the spring loaded assembly and the hybrid support system. The only differences are basically in the tension spring weight, the number of accessories, the period of the warranty and the bonuses and perks.

Q: So what’s so special about the gold premium? Is it worth the $495.95 price tag?

A: Yes, it is. It doesn’t have one USP, it has several. Just consider: it has the 3-in-1 support system that complements the silicone harnesses, advanced comfort strap technology, and the customized loop fastening system. The 2 tension springs each have 2100 grams, and it comes with the same features as the gold edition except we’ve added more: a cleansing spray, 8 cleansing pads, a training lubricant and the x4 Labs Stud-100 with Lidocaine USP. Then there’s the 5-year warranty on all defective parts as well as 21 grams of spring tension. the strongest spring tension on the market. Is it worth $495.95? I believe so. But remember that a customer can use our built-in promo code, plus he gets a $50.00 gift card with the gold premium edition.

Q: What is the x4 Labs Stud-100 Lidocaine?

A: Premature ejaculation is a common complaint. It robs you and your partner of sexual pleasure because the idea is to delay orgasm for as long as you can. The x4 Labs Stud-100 with Lidocaine is a pump that you spray on topical areas (meaning it’s for external use only) which does a wonderful job of increasing sexual stamina and longer erections. Because of what it can do, you can say that it is the answer to every male’s prayer of not having to prematurely ejaculate.

Q: Sounds like you’re pretty confident about your product.

A: Why wouldn’t I be? Have you read the comments in our forums? If not, visit the penis enlargement forum. We stand behind each and every of our products. We’ve reached the stage where we can say that our products can speak for themselves.

X4 Labs Extender Gold Deluxe Edition

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Our customer wrote:

I’ve always felt a bit insecure about my penis size ever since I was in high school.  Surgery was out of the question because I was scared.  I tried creams and pills but my skin broke out into red spots making me look like I had some kind of sexually transmitted disease.  Then a friend at the gym told me about the X4 Labs extender.  He said not to expect a whopping five inches – which we all know is impossible – but he said any male could expect a 33% growth in length.  When I bought the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition, my penis did get that extra oomph.  Of course, I had to put in a lot of work and sacrifice.  Today, my self-confidence is up and I’m starting to enjoy sex with my girlfriend minus  red swollen skin sores.  For anyone who equates a bigger penis with good sex, the X4 Labs extender “rises” to the occasion. – John Holme, Texas (United States)


As this customer wrote, the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe does not translate into five inches.  That would be a clear case of misrepresentation.  The assurance we give is that with faithful use and personal effort by the wearer (e.g. exercise and proper nutrition), we don’t see why anyone wouldn’t see a 33% improvement in length over a six-month period.  Others report improvement in just 60 days.  They are, however, the exception rather than the rule.  In fact, whether it’s the gold deluxe or the starter, the six-month guarantee stands.  But remember:  the extender can’t do it alone.

Customers readily see that the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition is a cut above the rest of our products.  It retails for $395.95 but your final cost is $345.95 after you take advantage of Promo Code DISC50.  It is shipped to you – US or Canada – at NO extra charge.  And it’s maximum stretched length?  13.5 inches flaccid (the starter and the deluxe edition guarantee 7 inches and 12 inches respectively).

Why choose the X4 Labs extender Gold Deluxe Edition?

Again, your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe kit comes with 100% spring loaded assembly and the new hybrid support system (which blends well with the silicone harness and advanced comfort strap technology.

Let’s not forget the 4-unit feature.

What is this 4-unit feature?  The company sends your package with:

That’s not all.

Your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition comes with:

6 cleansing pads
gold extension bars (plus spare gold extension bars)
e-book (exercises and penis health information)
$50.00 gift card
2 DVDs (explore a variety of erotic positions)
an instruction booklet

Your package is delivered to you free and with a 5-year warranty (on all broken or non-functioning parts).

Added bonus:  free membership + unlimited access to PenisAccess.comPenisAccess tells you everything you need to know relating to sex, your penis, and gives you the answers to questions you were too shy to ask!

If you wish to read our x4 labs reviews for each edition summarized into matrix form for easier comparison, go here:  http://www.x4labs.com/compare-our-extenders.php.

X4 Extender Deluxe Edition Review

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Universal usage: this means that men with varying size problems will find it’s a much safer alternative to surgery. The device works with both circumcised and non-circumcised men; universal also means it can be used by young and old (even men who are well past their 80s provided they are in good health)
Medical device class 1: this means the x4 Lab extender is deemed to be low risk by governmental authorities and hence does not require any license
Technical features include spring loaded assembly, memory foam comfort pads and extension bars
Aids to help lovemaking more pleasurable: exercise and tutorial video, exercise e-book
Warranty: 5 years on replacement parts and 6-month guarantee: this means men can see results after 6 months, others experience results after first 2 months of use


The x4 Extender Deluxe Edition ranks third or fourth in terms of price.  The package allows the user to use this traction device in conjunction with the hybrid support system and the company’s original comfort strap technology.

Essentially, this $295.95 package ($245.95 when Promo Code DISC50 is applied) gives users a maximum stretch length of 12 inches at resting mode (flaccid).

Other technical specifications are 2 calibrated tension springs at 1600 grams, silicone connectors, patent-pending comfort straps and extension bars (1, 2 and 3 inches).

The X4 Lab deluxe extender is in stock and will be shipped to your desired address at no extra cost.

A word about traction devices:  typical extenders are made with either silicone straps or comfort noose.  The company “merged” these 2 features to come up with a 3-in-1 hybrid support system.

We won’t claim that the X4 Lab extender will fit the wearer to a T.  There may be discomfort in the first two days of wear, but the user will soon find the most comfortable position and adjust it accordingly so that he can wear the device whether at home or at the office.

Studies have shown that when the use of extenders is combined with a balanced amount of exercise, diet, and aids for better sex, users feel more confident about their penis size.  Even if the x4 Lab extender was intended to do the job, users need to put in some effort.  This is why the company has come up with a “power package” consisting of not only the latest and safest technology, but also the tools every male needs to satisfy his partner.

Your X4 Lab extender deluxe package is a one-stop shop unit.  There is no need to buy other accessories.  Everything you need is in the box.  In addition to the silicone harness, loop fasteners and comfort straps, clients also have these options:  the choice between hybrid or quad support, the full size or mini and engraving (up to 3 characters).

In one end of the spectrum you have ineffective creams and pills; the other extreme end is invasive surgery.  Why not take the middle of the road alternative that’s not only effective but also safe?

Call 1-866-970-9595 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-970-9595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-970-9595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-970-9595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-970-9595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-970-9595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and ask about the X4 Lab Extender: Deluxe Edition.

Still have questions.  Read our FAQ here:  http://www.x4labs.com/faq.php

X4 Extender Starter Edition

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The Features

At resting mode (flaccid), expect maximum stretched length of 7 inches
Spring loaded assembly and hybrid support system (these are also integrated into the design of our high end models)
1600 gram tension springs (2 tension springs at 1600 grams each)
Comfort straps (2 units)
Memory foam comfort pads (2 units)
Extension bars in graduated sizes (1 set)
CD ROM full video tutorial that includes exercises you can do
Instruction booklet
1 year warranty

Yes, we all have to start somewhere.

While our X4 extender premium and X4 extender deluxe editions are very popular, we know  that there’s a segment of the male population that would rather try out penis enhancement devices in their most basic form.  Our X4 extender starter edition is basic, but that doesn’t mean it delivers less.

In fact, for undecided males who aren’t sure what version to experiment with, we highly recommend our starter edition as the proper “rite of passage” to our higher end product line.  We know that once you start to see results, you’ll want more.

So would your partner.

What does the x4 Labs extender starter edition offer beginners like you?

You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between this X4 Labs extender starter division and the deluxe one?  For the lower price of $199.95 (versus the deluxe version at $295.95), you get 2 memory foam pads (instead of 4).  The silicone harnesses and free shipping are also not provided.  As for the warranty, the X4 Labs extender starter edition comes with a 1-year guarantee, unlike the deluxe edition’s 5-year warranty.

The starter edition does not come with the e-book, but you do receive a CD ROM packed with video tutorials.  Finally, with the deluxe edition, 12 inches is the maximum stretched length for flaccid, while the starter edition guarantees 7 inches, also flaccid.

For starters, that’s not bad.  You can always upgrade or stay with what you already have.  But our experience shows that as our customers’ comfort level increases and are delighted with the results, they usually ask us about going for either the deluxe or premium.  That or they accessorize.

We’d like to add one more important detail about the comfort straps:  these are not like some of the strap-on-dildos you see in retail stores.  These kinds of straps tend to fall off because they lose their grip over time.  Our X4 Labs extender comfort strap is designed to enhance the comfort level of a wearer.  It is to be used strictly with the extender device, and is not identical to a strap-on dildo for sex play and erotic games.

Because some males like to wear their X4 extender for several hours in the day, the purpose of these comfort straps is to not only hold the extender in place but also hug or cushion the penis as pressure is applied on it.  It is this constant pressure that “wakes up” the cells of the skin through tiny amounts of stress received by the penis throughout the day.

The comfort straps are there to make the wearer feel as if there is no mechanism that hinders his natural movements and walking/driving positions.  They ensure that the extender is worry-free and low maintenance.  Of course, the man can always play with his sex toys when he and his partner decide to get intimate.  Wearing the x4 Lab extender does not mean that couples can’t get adventurous with sex toys; on the contrary, because the x4 Labs extender promotes penis growth and size, it succeeds in contributing to more intense sexual pleasure.

X4 Labs Extender Peyronie’s Edition

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The Progression of Correcting Curvature with the Peyronies Edition


For those who’d rather not go under the knife (surgery to correct penis curvature is a complex procedure, requiring as long as 2-1/2 hours in some cases), or for those who hesitate to take medication and injections, X4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition is an excellent alternative. The fear of an incorrect surgical procedure and side effects from medication are totally eliminated.

The X4Labs extender Peyronie’s edition will correct curvature of the penis. The before and after photos that show the gradual normalization during month 1, month 2 and month 3 can be seen here: http://www.x4labs.com/peyronies.php.

Versatility is the inherent feature of the X4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition because it integrates the use of either silicone tubes or silicone straps. Whatever the man is comfortable with and whatever the number of hours he decides to wear the extender has no bearing on the effectiveness of the extender. It will correct the disorder and at the same time gives males the ability to sexually perform with heightened pleasure, provided that consistent wearing of the extender is achieved. Some men will wear it for as long as 6-8 hours; others prefer shorter periods. Both are fine. The idea is to be consistent.

The x4 Labs extender Peyronie’s edition comes with the spring loaded assembly and the new hybrid support system – two standard features that are found in all of our products. Customers also receive:

calibrated tension springs – 2 units at 1600 grams
silicone harnesses – 2 units
comfort straps – 2 units
memory foam comfort pads – 4
extension bars (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
exercise e-book, instructional booklet
Vitamin E boost

X4 Labs’ clinical study as well as its research and development efforts have proven that an increased intake of Vitamin E may help alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. This is also confirmed by the Mayo Clinic:

Natural sources of Vitamin E include wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts, brocolli, spinach, mango, kiwi and others. The National Institutes of Health say that Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant.

If surgery is out of the question and there are potential allergies to medication, the most viable alternative to treating Peyronie’s disease is the extender from x4 Labs which was developed and designed specifically to deal with this abnormality.

Your extender package is shipped free of charge and comes with a five year warranty. The company states that results can be expected in six months.

mayo clinic

In treating Peyronie’s disease, Mayo Clinic urologists examine for the build-up of hard plaque and for fibrous tissues in the penis.  The existence of fibrous tissue is determined by doing an ultrasound.  To induce an erection, physicians have to sometimes inject the penis with medication.

Peyronie’s disease occurs when hard plaque builds up under the penis skin.  This condition usually affects men who are between 45 and 60 years old but it can affect anyone.  Causes of Peyronie’s disease are not known, but the Mayo Clinic thinks that men can get it because of a previous surgery that may have caused penis trauma, genetic factors, or an unusual amount of shock during intercourse.  When a man has Peyronie’s disease, it becomes difficult for him to penetrate his partner during intercourse as there is potential pain and swelling.

Girth Base

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When it comes to penis enhancement, two essential issues come to light:  length and girth.  We hear more about penis length than we do about girth.  Most men desire length, some are more interested in girth.  The x4 Labs extender girth edition was developed for the second group of men.

But let’s explain girth first.  The X4 Deluxe Penis Extender Girth Edition has the same trappings as the X4 labs Deluxe Extender except for one difference.  Key action is on enhancing the girth, or width of the penis.  Girth is defined by the “distance around something”, so in this case it would be, roughly speaking, the diameter.  To illustrate it better, here is a rough drawing that shows the difference between length and girth.

The length is the distance from where the pubic hairs start to all the way down to the meatus or glans.  The girth (in yellow) is where the yellow arrows are, going around the penis. If you study the before and after photos of the x4 Labs extender which you can find here:

(you’ll see that the photos focus on length, not the girth.)

Now the question:  how does one correctly measure girth?  The girth is measured by taking the widest area either at the head, shaft or base. For most men, the average girth size during erection is about 4 inches.  Teenage boys have a smaller girth, but their girth size grows as they get older.

The x4 Labs extender girth edition stands on its own merits:  At the most affordable price of $349.95 ($299.95 if you use Promo Code DISC50), you get the same spring loaded assembly and new hybrid support system that can complement the silicone harness and comfort strap technology.  Plus:

2 calibrated tension springs (1600 grams each)
2 silicone harnesses
2 comfort straps
4 memory foam comfort pads
Elongation bars (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
CD ROM with video tutorials and exercises
Instruction booklet

After benefiting from the 50$ discount, you will also enjoy free shipping and a 5-year warranty that are also included in the x4 Labs extender girth edition.

Some males have asked if the extender girth edition really works.  That’s like asking, will the deltoids increase in size with gym workouts and repetitive stress?  You’ve seen how lanky, undefined men turn into muscular and well-defined creatures after a fitness program that includes cardio and weights workouts.

Granted, the penis is NOT a muscle, but 2/3 of the penis is muscle-like in structure.  That means that while it will not grow as spectacularly as deltoids and biceps do when they are subject to pressure from the weights, the constant amounts of stress provided by the calibrated tension springs can stimulate the penis’ cell tissues.

The girth edition has a wide base ring that will allow for a comfortable and snug fit.

The CD ROM and instructional booklets are bonuses thrown in your girth edition package to help you monitor your girth progress.