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X4 Labs Extender Comfort Straps:  Defining True Comfort

If you have experimented with penis enhancement devices in the past and you’re starting to feel some frustration about not being able to hold them in place, don’t give up just yet.  Read our discussion forums and x4 Labs penis extender reviews so you can evaluate our product on your own terms.  By adding to our inventory of x4 Labs extender reviews, you can help others overcome the same frustration.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We’re taking steps to build a vast database about the x4 Labs extender so that user knowledge grows.  We are particularly interested in before and after testimonials from actual long term users.

Back to the comfort issue.  Marketing tests have repeatedly shown that customers will continue to use a product if two fundamental needs are met:  (a)  ease and comfort of use and (b)  concrete results.  These two go hand in hand.  Buying a penis enhancement device is like buying a software program.  Uppermost in the mind of a potential client is, is it user-friendly?

Okay, you say “been there, done that… most of those straps fall short.  They’re not designed to be compatible with prolonged use of extenders, reason why men endlessly fumble as they adjust for the right position.”

We’ll explain.  As far as straps go, the # 1 priority is to provide comfort.  For x4 Labs, comfort integrates what we call the three Fs:

  • fit
  • flexibility
  • function

This is why with all the R&D dollars we’ve invested in both the design and clinical study which you can read about here http://www.x4labs.com/info/free-penis-extender-offer-and-clinical-study, we weren’t 100% “comfortable” about calling them just “comfort straps.”  Our rigorous manufacturing process convinced us that our x4 Labs extender device deserves to be described as the Advanced Comfort Strap Technology.

Advanced Comfort Strap Technology

Before we talk about our advanced comfort strap technology, let’s backtrack a few steps and discuss silicone briefly.

Why silicone?

Scientists who have worked with silicone will tell you that:

  • it is known for its strength, flexibility and durability when silicone is molded, it results in a finished rubber ideal as a sealant, membrane or connector
  • an industrial company in Nevada that manufactures silicone products say that when it comes to making cushions (a.k.a. comfort) for equipment, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures and rugged handling.
  • it is odorless and stable.  It may not be suitable for large-size items, but is ideal for smaller items that need to be flexible and resistant to wear and tear.

X4 Labs did not focus only in what the end product will look like, but it also took into account the raw materials that would be used in manufacturing.  The next consideration was to increase the length and width of the comfort strap so that the user does not worry about obtaining a snug fit.

Almost a year ago now, a comment from the forums led the company to re-work some elements of the design (patent is pending) to address the complaint of slippage:penis extender forum post

Fast forward:  the complaint has been solved and the comfort straps – now with better grip – have transitioned from being just straps to advanced comfort straps.

In reading x4 Labs extender reviews, the company’s Patent Pending Advanced Comfort Strap Technology integrates well into the extender’s 3-in-1 hybrid support system, regardless of the length of the elongation bars and tension rods.  You can easily detect inferior comfort straps:  they lose their grip and stretch with long term use, making adhesion and connection impossible.

Given the larger surface area, x4 Labs extender comfort straps pass the test for steady grip, slippage and non-restrictive blood flow.  Males with larger than average length and girth will appreciate the Advanced Comfort Strap Technology for its high tolerance to tension.

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