Do Penis Exercise Guides Work?

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We’ll give a straight answer to the question of whether or not penis exercise guides work:  yes, they work but only if (a)  the exercises are the correct exercises for penis enlargement, (b)  the instructions are clear with step-by-step guidance, and (c) the guides contain the usual precautionary measures.

One more caveat:  the penis exercise guide must specify whether the exercises are intended for beginners, intermediate or advanced users.  It must also state how often and how intense the exercises are to be performed.
Penis exercise guides are available either in book form or in DVD format.  The DVD format is perhaps your best bet because you not only get a mental grasp of the exercise but also an actual demonstration of how the exercise is done.
Many penis exercise guides are based on ancient rituals and practices and then given a modern interpretation to suit today’s busy male who lives on the fast lane.  You may have seen pictures of ancient peoples featured in publications like National Geographic Magazine or other anthropology periodicals where men and women practised certain methods to make their necks longer, make their feet smaller and make breasts and penises larger.
When penis exercise guides are written or produced by a medical practitioner or a male enhancement coach with a good success record, the guides are more credible and trustworthy.  There are some excellent penis exercise guides in the market that are sold as standalone products or as a bonus when a consumer purchases a male enhancement product.
Penis exercise guides must not just enumerate the exercises to be performed, they must also explain what the exercise specifically does and how and when it should be performed so that readers are not groping in the dark.
If penis exercise guides meet the conditions we mentioned above, then we can confidently say that indeed, they work.  Males who study their guides and apply what they learn on a consistent basis are the ones who obtain the best results.
Penis exercise guides are also ideal for the male who wants to do only natural male enhancement without resorting to pills or devices that can harm the penis when used wrongly.  The guide must have an exhaustive collection of techniques so that a male can vary his routine.
It’s the same theory that applies to muscle sets in the gym.  For muscles to develop optimally, a variety of exercises must be performed at varying intensities and frequencies.  Subjecting the muscle to “shock” or high load occasionally will make it grow faster.
The male penis is the same.  It has to be trained on different exercises so that it does not get used to one exercise because it’s easier to reach a plateau that way.  So the perfect penis exercise guide must be one with an entire slew of exercises and the possible variations that go with each exercise.

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