Does Natural Male Enhancement Really Work?

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When people hear “natural,” their reaction is that it won’t work because it does not have the boost provided by pharmaceuticals or surgery.  In fact, natural male enhancement methods and products have been around for a long time and if they didn’t work or weren’t effective, retailers would stop marketing them.

Why do people ask if natural male enhancement really works?  The reason is they’ve been trained on the “medicine mindset.”  This means whatever physical problem one has can be solved by ingesting a pill or taking prescription drugs.  For instance, to enlarge one’s penis, some males think surgery and chemical-based drugs are the only solution.  Anything that is outside the realm of medicine won’t work.
The concept of male enhancement or penis enlargement has come full circle.  Manufacturing trends for male enhancement products are now oriented towards safer and more natural formulations.  For example, male enhancement pills with plant or herbal extract formulations are a favorite of many males, reporting as much as a 33% increase in penis length and as much as 1.5 inches more to penis girth.
Even the Mayo Clinic has a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) section.  It cited some examples of complementary and alternative medicines on its web site and biologically-based products are just one of them.  Others are ancient healing systems, homeopathy and naturopathy.
Many male enhancement products such as enhancement pills are developed for males who want to enlarge their penis the safe way…naturally.  Natural male enhancement takes away the fear of any side effects or adverse reactions because they don’t contain any harmful substances.
One other reason herbal or plant formulations are the preferred formulations is that they can be taken indefinitely.  Some prescription drugs, when taken long term, can cause unpleasant side effects.  With herbal formulations, there is no cause for worry.
Exercises are also considered natural male enhancement.  If jelqing and Kegel exercises weren’t effective, why do males continue to perform these exercises?  Jelqing is an ancient practice in the Arab world.  Young boys were encouraged to jelq by their elders to enhance their virility and increase their libido.
Of course, natural male enhancement does work.  One proof is that an increasing number of males are now saying NO to penis enlargement surgery and are opting for more natural enhancement methods and products.  One male enhancement pill brand we’re aware of contains vitamins and minerals in addition to antioxidants to make the penis healthier and stronger, boost sexual performance, and enable the male to control his enjaculations when and how he wants.
Male enhancement pills have also been cited as giving males better quality orgasms.

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