FPEC model 614 200 cubic foot stainless steel dual ribbon blender with paddles, 80" wide x 10' long x 32" deep straight wall with additional 16" deep U bottom, 2 each 38" diameter ribbons with paddles in center of shaft, 10' product infeed height, 2 each 32" wide x 14" tall pneumatically controlled product discharge gates, discharges are located on either end of the mixing area, with manual controls, 64" product discharge height, 1" diameter spray bar mounted around the top perimeter of mixing area, with multiple 1/2" threaded discharges, 2 each 40 HP electric motor gearhead chain drives, 1770 RPM, 230/460/3/60, 2 each stainless steel grated top covers with 4-1/2" spacings, currently mounted on 27" tall stand, serial number 5248, all stainless steel construction.