How to Enlarge the Penis Without Surgery

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Enlarging the penis through surgery has been met with a lot of controversy…and a lot of dissatisfaction.  Several members of the medical community advise males against penis surgery because there’s the chance that they won’t produce the desired results.  The American Urological Association stated that penis enlargement surgery may not be that effective.  Males can have unrealistic expectations regarding how surgery can make their penis longer and bigger.

Note that the penis is actually longer than it looks because a section of it is located inside the abdomen where it is not visible.  During surgery, the surgeon cuts off the ligaments inside enabling more of the penis to be exposed.  Another type of surgery is that which takes fat cells from other parts of the body and are implanted into the penis.  Both methods are NOT guaranteed to make the male 100% satisfied with his penis size.
So are there other ways to enlarge the penis without surgery?
Fortunately there are some methods that can enlarge penis length and girth and are just as effective, if not more effective.
Two common methods we know of:

  • Penis extenders (or stretchers)
  • Penis exercises
      Penis extenders are devices that are designed to apply pressure on the penis.  The application of pressure is particularly helpful when not enough blood flows to the penis, making it difficult for the penis to achieve and maintain erections.
      Some extenders come with two bars of varying lengths and weights.  Some brands have bars that range in length from half an inch to three inches; the bars also come in varying weights (from 1600g to 2100 g).
      As a male becomes more comfortable with the use of extenders, he can increase the bar size and weight to the point where the penis can take the pressure.  The main thing is to purchase an extender that comes with a sophisticated comfort strap technology and excellent traction.  It goes without saying that the extender must also be guaranteed for replacement of parts and for service.
      Penis exercises are another way to enlarge your penis without surgery.  They can be performed while in bed with a partner or alone.  In fact some exercises are performed standing up.  In jelqing, a male uses his thumb and forefinger and forms a circle around his penis applying just a slight amount of pressure.  He then makes upwards and downwards movements on his penis.  This exercise can be repeated using the other hand.  Movements must be continuous.

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