How to Increase Semen Volume

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Low semen volume is a common complaint among males but there are effective ways to increase it.
There has been significant innovation in the sexual enhancement market that males no longer have to search far and wide for products that are specifically developed to increase semen volume.  And there are a lot of methods and products to choose from.

When a male does not have enough semen, the quality of his erections and orgasms suffer.  Insufficient semen can also lead to too many premature ejaculations.
Consider the merits of semen volume pills as one method to increase sperm count.  By taking them regularly,  males can control their orgasms better instead of orgasms controlling them.  In fact, semen volume pills are the favorite of men who want to engage in longer foreplay prior to penetration.
Semen volume pills must be taken two hours before an intimate encounter.  What kind of benefits can you expect from semen volume pills? 
Benefit # 1:  some brands are formulated with 100% natural plant extracts and herbs making them safe to take.  And because they’re natural, a doctor’s prescription is not required.  Brands with herbal or plant extract formulations will not cause side effects or any allergies.
Benefit # 2:  semen volume pills help remedy low libido levels.  When taken regularly, the increase in sperm count will stimulate sexual appetites.  With more semen, a male develops the confidence of not being let down by “erratic” erections or premature ejaculations.
Benefit # 3:  semen volume pills help sustain and prolong foreplay.  When a male knows that his semen count is healthy, he can delay orgasm for as long as he wants.  He has full control over the timing of his climax and that of his partner’s.
Benefit # 4:  semen volume pills also improve the flow of blood to the penis, making it possible to have stronger and longer erections. 
Benefit # 5:  semen volume pills produce quicker and more frequent reload times.  Because a man’s semen volume is healthy, he is in a better position to go for another intimate round more quickly without putting that much effort.  The urge just comes naturally. 
And speaking of semen loads, note that it is not the same as sperm count.  In fact sperm is just one of two components of a semen load.  Some studies reveal that sperm constitutes roughly 3%-5% of semen load.  For you to increase semen volume or semen load, you must focus on increasing activity in the prostate and in the seminal vesicle.  Make sure you are well-hydrated at all times because semen is for the most part, water.

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