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Male enhancement creams are the ideal accessory for your intimate encounters but be aware of one thing:  they do not increase penis size.
Some males are under the impression that a male enhancement cream, if used regularly, will add inches to the length and girth of the penis.  That’s not correct.  What a male enhancement cream will do, however, is to enhance penis erection, maintain that erection for longer periods, and make the lovemaking experience more intense and satisfying.

The way a male enhancement cream works is that it is applied on the penis 15 to 20 minutes before making love.   In many cases, when the cream takes effect, the penis will get bigger.  This is only temporary.  The penis gets bigger because of the stimulation from the cream and its ingredients. 
Benefits of Male Enhancement Creams

  • Produce stronger erections that last longer – some males complain that just prior to penetration, their penises go flaccid.  Penises going flaccid can also happen at the start of intimacy.  To solve this problem, males use enhancement creams so that their penises can remain hard and remain hard longer, allowing full penetration and then orgasm;
  • Help prevent premature ejaculation – when men are aroused and are at fever-pitch intensity, they prematurely ejaculate, unable to control penis activity.  This is where male enhancement creams can come to the rescue.  By helping to maintain erections, a man can go through the complete lovemaking cycle:  seduction, arousal, foreplay, penetration and then climax.

Ingredients to Look for in Male Enhancement Creams
We in the western world take our cue from the eastern world.  We look to the east for wisdom and natural treatments.  People in the sexual enhancement field also look eastward for ideas and products.  And ingredients.
What are some of the ingredients from the east that make male enhancement creams effective and safe to use?


  • Tribulus Terrestris – this herb has the ability to improve sexual energy according to ancient practitioners in China and India;
  • Horny Goat Weed – this plant extract was used during earlier times for boosting sexual performance.  It is sometimes used in preparations and formulations intended to cure erectile dysfunction and to stimulate sperm production.
  • Siberian Ginseng – this plant has also been called the “eleuthero” plant and can revitalize sex drive.  Because of stress and the foods we eat, our libido can be affected which in turn influences our sexual performance.  In addition to stimulating sexual appetite, Siberian Ginseng is also used by people with failing memory.
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