Penis Enlargement Surgery Alternatives

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Men who worry about their penis size worry at the same about what would happen if they had surgery to increase penis size.  While the possibility of permanent increases to their penis excites them, they wonder if there are penis enlargement surgery alternatives that they could try before going under the knife.  After all, having surgery is a radical decision, and no surgeon would really want to guarantee a longer or wider penis.

Instead of surgery, males should seriously look into penis enlargement surgery alternatives because they can obtain noticeable size increases depending on how assiduously they work at it.
Here are some penis enlargement surgery alternatives:

  • Male enhancement pills – taken regularly, male enhancement pills provide the penis with the necessary nutrients for healthier erections and fuller orgasms.  The thing to remember is to consider the ingredient list of male enhancement pills and look for substances like L-Arginine and Lycopene (for antioxidants), Horny Goat Weed, Siberian Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris.  These last three ingredients especially have been used by ancient practitioners in India and China to enhance their patients’ sexual appetite and performance.

  • Penis extenders (stretchers) – penis extenders are the outcome of a sophisticated doctor-approved design that have adjustable bars with varying degrees of tension.  Males who use penis extenders usually begin with the lightest weight and then work up gradually as the penis gets accustomed to the physical stimulation and pressure provided by the bars.  Males should choose brands that are manufactured under strict laboratory standards, carry warranties for parts and service, and are approved or recommended by doctors.

  • Penis exercises – males can perform exercises some of which include jelqing, Kegel, ballooning or stretching exercises.  Some are familiar with jelqing and Kegel, but others wonder what ballooning consists of.  Ballooning means that while engaged in sexual intercourse, a man will hold back from climaxing as often as four or five times per session.  The more frequently he can control and the longer he can do each “hold”, the more effective the exercise is. 

Penis enlargement exercises have evolved to as many variations as possible, and doing them regularly will ensure a few additional inches to the penis.  Note, however, that exercises alone will not make the penis longer and bigger.  Factors such as diet, dedication and health habits all play an important role in penis enlargement.  Rest is essential in between heavy exercise sessions to allow the penis to recover.
You need not feel limited by penis enlargement surgery alternatives because such alternatives are much safer than surgical procedures and are sometimes more effective.  We know of thousands of males who have turned their backs to surgery and are pleased that they chose a penis enlargement alternative instead.

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