Penis Extender Upgrade Kit

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Like software, you need upgrades that are compatible with the components of your operating system.  X4 Labs extender universal upgrade kit delivers this compatibility with no snags attached!

Your X4 Labs universal upgrade kit includes 2 comfort straps, 2 adjustment screws, memory foam padding, and the universal hybrid support piece.growth-guaranteed-seal

Comfort Straps

The comfort straps you get with your upgrade kit were developed using the advanced comfort strap technology of X4 Labs.  This technology includes the following features:

  • Comfortable “hold and hug” feature – the one-inch width of the straps allows for flexible maneuvering and adjusting.  Straps in the market today are designed with a view to economizing on materials.  X4 Labs wants to ensure that the wearer is not in any way short-changed when it comes to comfort.
  • Compatibility with all extender models – X4 Labs extender comfort straps will fit into whatever extender edition you have.  The 3-in-1 hybrid support accommodates comfort straps to a T without any added adjustment.

Adjustment Screws

X4 Labs has carefully selected its screw manufacturer so that the screws that come with your upgrade or extender edition package carry the assurance that they meet all norms and standards.  Your extenders are made in Canada.  This means you have the company’s guarantee that they comply with manufacturing rules.  In addition, the tiny components that hold your extender and make it work – like the screws – are also factory-compliant.

The threads and gimlets are solid and robust; they easily support your upgrade kit.  The screw threads are helical in structure, ensuring rotary/linear motion.  X4 Labs adjustment screws will fasten, connect and support the upgrade accessories.

Memory Foam Padding

Made of resistant and strong foam materials, the X4 Labs extender memory foam pads will make fitting the extender into your penis a flawless and natural execution.  Memory foam is frequently used to manufacture luxury beds providing not only comfort but also better sleep position and firmness.  The same applies to the memory foam pads that come with your upgrade kit.

Your penis will benefit from X4 Labs memory foam pads because of its added density.  Typically made with polyutherane, these pads “read” body heat, allowing them to adjust to your penis within minutes.

Memory foam was a concept that began with NASA Ames Center researchers when they were looking for the perfect cushion fit.  The characteristic density of memory foam gives it the added capability of providing un-compromised support.

As in mattress technology where the concept gained popularity, memory foam pads respond to heat.  This response to your penis then gives way to molding helping alleviate pressure and soreness.

Many men report discomfort during initial use of the extenders and this discomfort is solved by the addition of memory foam pads that will make the use of your extender less cumbersome and more comfortable.

Order your medically-certified and doctor-approved upgrade kit today.  At a modest price of $149.95, you’ll learn what penis comfort truly means and HOW it should really feel.

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