X4 Extender Starter Edition

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The Features

At resting mode (flaccid), expect maximum stretched length of 7 inches
Spring loaded assembly and hybrid support system (these are also integrated into the design of our high end models)
1600 gram tension springs (2 tension springs at 1600 grams each)
Comfort straps (2 units)
Memory foam comfort pads (2 units)
Extension bars in graduated sizes (1 set)
CD ROM full video tutorial that includes exercises you can do
Instruction booklet
1 year warranty

Yes, we all have to start somewhere.

While our X4 extender premium and X4 extender deluxe editions are very popular, we know  that there’s a segment of the male population that would rather try out penis enhancement devices in their most basic form.  Our X4 extender starter edition is basic, but that doesn’t mean it delivers less.

In fact, for undecided males who aren’t sure what version to experiment with, we highly recommend our starter edition as the proper “rite of passage” to our higher end product line.  We know that once you start to see results, you’ll want more.

So would your partner.

What does the x4 Labs extender starter edition offer beginners like you?

You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between this X4 Labs extender starter division and the deluxe one?  For the lower price of $199.95 (versus the deluxe version at $295.95), you get 2 memory foam pads (instead of 4).  The silicone harnesses and free shipping are also not provided.  As for the warranty, the X4 Labs extender starter edition comes with a 1-year guarantee, unlike the deluxe edition’s 5-year warranty.

The starter edition does not come with the e-book, but you do receive a CD ROM packed with video tutorials.  Finally, with the deluxe edition, 12 inches is the maximum stretched length for flaccid, while the starter edition guarantees 7 inches, also flaccid.

For starters, that’s not bad.  You can always upgrade or stay with what you already have.  But our experience shows that as our customers’ comfort level increases and are delighted with the results, they usually ask us about going for either the deluxe or premium.  That or they accessorize.

We’d like to add one more important detail about the comfort straps:  these are not like some of the strap-on-dildos you see in retail stores.  These kinds of straps tend to fall off because they lose their grip over time.  Our X4 Labs extender comfort strap is designed to enhance the comfort level of a wearer.  It is to be used strictly with the extender device, and is not identical to a strap-on dildo for sex play and erotic games.

Because some males like to wear their X4 extender for several hours in the day, the purpose of these comfort straps is to not only hold the extender in place but also hug or cushion the penis as pressure is applied on it.  It is this constant pressure that “wakes up” the cells of the skin through tiny amounts of stress received by the penis throughout the day.

The comfort straps are there to make the wearer feel as if there is no mechanism that hinders his natural movements and walking/driving positions.  They ensure that the extender is worry-free and low maintenance.  Of course, the man can always play with his sex toys when he and his partner decide to get intimate.  Wearing the x4 Lab extender does not mean that couples can’t get adventurous with sex toys; on the contrary, because the x4 Labs extender promotes penis growth and size, it succeeds in contributing to more intense sexual pleasure.