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If you can’t afford to make the full payment on purchase, you can apply for the “buy now pay later” plan enabling you to make three equal payments. Choosing this plan does not exclude you from the bonuses and perks.

X4 Labs does not believe that money should be a barrier to penis enlargement. Penis enhancement is inherent in human sexuality; if the price of enhancement prevents males from discovering their masculinity and building their self-confidence, then companies that sell penis enhancements and extenders must take a more humane approach by providing increased accessibility to potential users.

Just as the open source technology has become a more democratic platform for everyone, x4 Labs believes that its advanced comfort strap technology, 3-in-1 support hybrid system, and the results of the clinical study must be enjoyed by more people.

Superior performance devices like the x4 Labs extender should not be the monopoly of a few. We encourage everyone concerned about penis size and sexual performance to take advantage of the company’s price packages. It does not end with promo codes and gift cards, it also offers undecided and cash-strapped users to first try the mini version at a fraction of the cost. The company is confident that anyone who starts with the mini will have bigger dreams and want to go for the complete premium or deluxe editions. We’ll help you pay for the premium or deluxe.
This is the best part of the company’s offer: for a limited time, 500 x4 Labs extenders will be given away free to anyone interested in exchange for their participation in our ongoing clinical study. And of course, we hope that you’ll spread the word and provide extender reviews to enlarge the sphere of influence.

500 X4 Labs extenders will be given away free to anyone interested in exchange for their participation in our ongoing clinical study

Don’t make your cash flow position prevent you from letting your penis stay in a stagnant position. Increase its size and you increase the attention span of your partner.

Grow your penis girth by 33% – 50%, and your partner will want you under her skin…24/7!

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

X4 Labs Extender Gold Deluxe Edition

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Our customer wrote:

I’ve always felt a bit insecure about my penis size ever since I was in high school.  Surgery was out of the question because I was scared.  I tried creams and pills but my skin broke out into red spots making me look like I had some kind of sexually transmitted disease.  Then a friend at the gym told me about the X4 Labs extender.  He said not to expect a whopping five inches – which we all know is impossible – but he said any male could expect a 33% growth in length.  When I bought the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition, my penis did get that extra oomph.  Of course, I had to put in a lot of work and sacrifice.  Today, my self-confidence is up and I’m starting to enjoy sex with my girlfriend minus  red swollen skin sores.  For anyone who equates a bigger penis with good sex, the X4 Labs extender “rises” to the occasion. – John Holme, Texas (United States)


As this customer wrote, the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe does not translate into five inches.  That would be a clear case of misrepresentation.  The assurance we give is that with faithful use and personal effort by the wearer (e.g. exercise and proper nutrition), we don’t see why anyone wouldn’t see a 33% improvement in length over a six-month period.  Others report improvement in just 60 days.  They are, however, the exception rather than the rule.  In fact, whether it’s the gold deluxe or the starter, the six-month guarantee stands.  But remember:  the extender can’t do it alone.

Customers readily see that the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition is a cut above the rest of our products.  It retails for $395.95 but your final cost is $345.95 after you take advantage of Promo Code DISC50.  It is shipped to you – US or Canada – at NO extra charge.  And it’s maximum stretched length?  13.5 inches flaccid (the starter and the deluxe edition guarantee 7 inches and 12 inches respectively).

Why choose the X4 Labs extender Gold Deluxe Edition?

Again, your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe kit comes with 100% spring loaded assembly and the new hybrid support system (which blends well with the silicone harness and advanced comfort strap technology.

Let’s not forget the 4-unit feature.

What is this 4-unit feature?  The company sends your package with:

That’s not all.

Your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition comes with:

6 cleansing pads
gold extension bars (plus spare gold extension bars)
e-book (exercises and penis health information)
$50.00 gift card
2 DVDs (explore a variety of erotic positions)
an instruction booklet

Your package is delivered to you free and with a 5-year warranty (on all broken or non-functioning parts).

Added bonus:  free membership + unlimited access to PenisAccess.comPenisAccess tells you everything you need to know relating to sex, your penis, and gives you the answers to questions you were too shy to ask!

If you wish to read our x4 labs reviews for each edition summarized into matrix form for easier comparison, go here:

Penis Extender Bonus Items

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Perking Up Your Penis:  Take Advantage of These Bonus Perks

In reading a few x4 Labs extender reviews, people said our extenders were a tad expensive.  What these reviews failed to mention, however, was that the component of quality was factored into the manufacturing process.towel-measuring-tape-lube

In your experience as a consumer, how many times have you taken a piece of merchandise into your hands and felt that it lacked durability, unable to sustain normal wear and tear?

You don’t get that feeling with the x4 Labs extender.  That partly explains the high price.  You see, you’re making an investment into what is probably your most important physical asset.  Women never hesitate to invest in a good brassiere for breast contour and enhancement, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your penis?

The other thing that x4 Labs extender reviews fail to mention is that you immediately enjoy some exciting bonuses and gain access to a rich database of penis enhancement information.

x4 penis extender gold editionSome examples:

With the X4 Gold Premium Edition, you not only receive free access to a penis enhancement program but you also receive two DVDs that contain useful tutorials on how to have better sex with your partner.  A product’s success depends on its design.  It also depends on how it addresses the how, why, and when of the sex act.  Without good, pleasurable sex (and who says you’re not entitled to good sex?), a device is of no use or is under-utilized at best.  These DVDs alone cost $200.00.  If you deducted that from your purchase price, how much do you end up paying?

Full description of the X4 Gold Premium Edition is here:  The boxed text tells you what you get with it (you’re not just getting DVDs by the way).

With the X4 Gold Edition, you receive one interactive Better Sex DVD.  Learn and discover about several sexual positions that you and your partner can experiment with (at least 30 positions).  The daily grind of our working lives robs us of imagination and creativity by the time we get ready for love-making.  After awhile, the same position, the same foreplay approach, and the hurried and premature orgasm will eventually lead to disappointment and disillusion – not just your partner’s but also yours.  The Gold Edition bonus pack offers over 30 positions up front.

Crunch the figures:  that’s 30 days of different carnal techniques.  With 30 new techniques, chances are you’ll be revving up your sexual performance several notches.  Take all 30 or just choose three or four.  That’s still a lot better than the same one act every night!  Why not ask the men about it? (

Full description of the Gold Deluxe bonuses and perks here:

Oops – the Gold Deluxe Edition also comes with a $50.00 gift card.  Again crunch the figures.  After these perks and bonuses, what was your final cost?

Don’t go to bed without it.  Whether you go for the Gold Deluxe or for the Gold Limited, you also receive a PenisAccess Penis Exercise membership ( where you can expand your sexual knowledge and at the same time have the ability to test it with your brand new x4 Labs extender device.After you’ve tried it for 180 days and provided you performed the exercises faithfully as recommended in the DVDs, then you can join in the chorus and answer the question, does the x4 Labs extender really work?

Quote promo code DISC50 or DISC25 to shave off another $50.00.  When you quote those codes, remember to use upper case letters (i.e. the promo code must be typed in caps).

We’ve done the math for you.  Go for either the Premium or Deluxe and see what you’re actually paying:


The above calculations don’t include the $50.00 gift card.  But call us and we’ll explain the numbers!