How X4 Labs Extenders Work

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It’s fine to write an x4 Lab review and to extol the virtues of this product-in-development, but the review shouldn’t stop at testimonials. We say product-in-development because while it’s already being marketed, sold and used by thousands of satisfied customers, x4 Labs has not stopped looking for ways to improve on the “specs.” x4 Lab extender reviews wouldn’t be complete without zeroing in on the product’s technical features.

The X4 Labs penis extenders evolved from the traction principle.

In the past, ancient tribesmen practiced a form of gradual neck elongation with the use of rings. The women wore rings stacked one on top of the other until their entire neck is covered. Eventually the neck lengthens and another ring is worn. This process is repeated for the desired length.  Strangely for women, it is said to be associated to beauty and wealth, and there is no complaining to the attraction to long and elegant look that it gives to a woman.  Similarly the penis extenders at X4 Labs lengthen the penis to a desired length.  It also increased the girth.

The penis extenders at X4 Labs function by the same principal. The penis is gently and safely stretched by the extender but with the use of more advanced techniques, to safely and effectively increase the length and also build its girth.

Speaking of specs, why don’t we focus on spring tension?

Eons ago, women in native African lands wore rings around their necks for elongation. Thanks to advances in technology, x4 Labs took that same concept and used a few of its principles to design their penis extender.

Remember that the word “tension” connotes force, loading, and maybe a bit of friction – you need all three to obtain tension in varying degrees. The amount of tension one feels is purely subjective; that is, what may be high intensity for male A could be low intensity for male B. A few fortunate ones in fact don’t feel any tension at all when wearing their penis extenders.

The x4 Labs extender is equipped with:

• High strength spring tension – up to 2100 grams

• Three distinct spring tension settings: 700 grams (strong), 1400 grams (stronger) and 2100 grams (strongest)

• Elongation bars of varying lengths

• Tension rods of varying strengthsMeasuring-tape

If you examine an x4 Labs extender up close, you’ll notice that the bars and tension rods are developed with engineering precision. The elongation bars are available in sizes from 1/3 to 4 inches, either precision-machined (gray/black) or gold.

The reason for using gold to coat x4 Labs extender rods constitutes one of the company’s USP (unique selling point). Gold is ductile (meaning it’s flexible and pliant) and malleable (meaning it can be changed to conform to measurements without breaking or cracking). This explains why x4 Labs penis extenders are priced closer towards the high-end. Without the necessary investment in quality materials, penis extenders can’t perform the job they’re supposed to.

Common question: won’t tension bars constrict blood vessels and decrease circulation?

Modern Design

Constriction can be triggered by improper handling, but the graduated loads of 700, 1400 and 2100 grams actually solves this problem. The second solution lies in the comfort strap technology inherent in all products sold by x4 Labs.

And while the company does not want to mention pain, let’s be honest. The statement, “no pain, no gain” still rings true. Initially, there will be a certain degree of discomfort and maybe some mild pain, yes, but the manufacturers of x4 Labs extenders ensured that comfort and custom fit far outweigh the physical inconveniences.

Here’s an excerpt from the forums regarding correct manipulation of the elongation bars (bear in mind that different males experience different situations when they first use the x4 Labs Penis extender device):

Finally, one advantage of penis extenders over penis pumps, penis weights, penis pills and penis cream is that the possibility of these extenders not working effectively is just about nil. Users have 100% control over the application of force and tension. Don’t forget that all extenders also have the unique memory foam padding developed by x4 Labs to help offset discomfort.