X4 Labs Extender Gold Premium Edition

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The President says:

It isn’t over, our clinical study will continue indefinitely because we want more men to participate and provide valuable feedback

This product review for the X4 Labs extender is based on an interview with the president of X4 Labs Richard O., the X4 Labs founder and president.  He has been pleased with the public’s approval of the X4 Labs extender. Although he thinks the entire product line deserve equal praise, he agreed to talk about the gold premium edition, the signature product that evolved from a lengthy research study.

There’s nothing like it in the market today. I’m proud to say that our efforts are paying off.

The company president said that he has decided to give away 500 x4 extenders to any male who is interested in trying it to see if the company’s claims about improved penis length and girth can be supported and confirmed. “It’s just for a limited time; 500 units isn’t a lot, but we’re hoping that all 500 users will share their experience. At this stage of our product development, I’m not expecting substantial criticism, but we’re looking for honest appraisals of our extender because we want to continue improving its design and features. There’s nothing like it in the market today. I’m proud to say that our efforts are paying off.”

Excerpts from the interview follow:

Q: Why did you come up with different versions of your product? Wouldn’t it have been easier and more economical to promote one?

A: That’s a good question. You’re right, it would have been a lot easier and certainly more economical. The reasons for offering different products are to obviously cater to a broader client base, given that penis size and penis concerns are not universal. It’s all based on the thinking – different men, different penis sizes, different needs. We’re also aware that not every male who wants a bigger penis is prepared to pay the price of the x4 Labs extender gold premium. So in adjusting the price, we had to adjust the features for each. Although we have different editions, all products are equal in terms of the spring loaded assembly and the hybrid support system. The only differences are basically in the tension spring weight, the number of accessories, the period of the warranty and the bonuses and perks.

Q: So what’s so special about the gold premium? Is it worth the $495.95 price tag?

A: Yes, it is. It doesn’t have one USP, it has several. Just consider: it has the 3-in-1 support system that complements the silicone harnesses, advanced comfort strap technology, and the customized loop fastening system. The 2 tension springs each have 2100 grams, and it comes with the same features as the gold edition except we’ve added more: a cleansing spray, 8 cleansing pads, a training lubricant and the x4 Labs Stud-100 with Lidocaine USP. Then there’s the 5-year warranty on all defective parts as well as 21 grams of spring tension. the strongest spring tension on the market. Is it worth $495.95? I believe so. But remember that a customer can use our built-in promo code, plus he gets a $50.00 gift card with the gold premium edition.

Q: What is the x4 Labs Stud-100 Lidocaine?

A: Premature ejaculation is a common complaint. It robs you and your partner of sexual pleasure because the idea is to delay orgasm for as long as you can. The x4 Labs Stud-100 with Lidocaine is a pump that you spray on topical areas (meaning it’s for external use only) which does a wonderful job of increasing sexual stamina and longer erections. Because of what it can do, you can say that it is the answer to every male’s prayer of not having to prematurely ejaculate.

Q: Sounds like you’re pretty confident about your product.

A: Why wouldn’t I be? Have you read the comments in our forums? If not, visit the penis enlargement forum. We stand behind each and every of our products. We’ve reached the stage where we can say that our products can speak for themselves.