X4 Labs Extender Gold Deluxe Edition

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Our customer wrote:

I’ve always felt a bit insecure about my penis size ever since I was in high school.  Surgery was out of the question because I was scared.  I tried creams and pills but my skin broke out into red spots making me look like I had some kind of sexually transmitted disease.  Then a friend at the gym told me about the X4 Labs extender.  He said not to expect a whopping five inches – which we all know is impossible – but he said any male could expect a 33% growth in length.  When I bought the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition, my penis did get that extra oomph.  Of course, I had to put in a lot of work and sacrifice.  Today, my self-confidence is up and I’m starting to enjoy sex with my girlfriend minus  red swollen skin sores.  For anyone who equates a bigger penis with good sex, the X4 Labs extender “rises” to the occasion. – John Holme, Texas (United States)


As this customer wrote, the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe does not translate into five inches.  That would be a clear case of misrepresentation.  The assurance we give is that with faithful use and personal effort by the wearer (e.g. exercise and proper nutrition), we don’t see why anyone wouldn’t see a 33% improvement in length over a six-month period.  Others report improvement in just 60 days.  They are, however, the exception rather than the rule.  In fact, whether it’s the gold deluxe or the starter, the six-month guarantee stands.  But remember:  the extender can’t do it alone.

Customers readily see that the x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition is a cut above the rest of our products.  It retails for $395.95 but your final cost is $345.95 after you take advantage of Promo Code DISC50.  It is shipped to you – US or Canada – at NO extra charge.  And it’s maximum stretched length?  13.5 inches flaccid (the starter and the deluxe edition guarantee 7 inches and 12 inches respectively).

Why choose the X4 Labs extender Gold Deluxe Edition?

Again, your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe kit comes with 100% spring loaded assembly and the new hybrid support system (which blends well with the silicone harness and advanced comfort strap technology.

Let’s not forget the 4-unit feature.

What is this 4-unit feature?  The company sends your package with:

That’s not all.

Your x4 Labs extender gold deluxe edition comes with:

6 cleansing pads
gold extension bars (plus spare gold extension bars)
e-book (exercises and penis health information)
$50.00 gift card
2 DVDs (explore a variety of erotic positions)
an instruction booklet

Your package is delivered to you free and with a 5-year warranty (on all broken or non-functioning parts).

Added bonus:  free membership + unlimited access to PenisAccess.comPenisAccess tells you everything you need to know relating to sex, your penis, and gives you the answers to questions you were too shy to ask!

If you wish to read our x4 labs reviews for each edition summarized into matrix form for easier comparison, go here:  http://www.x4labs.com/compare-our-extenders.php.