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X4Labs offers their customers a congenial guarantee for its device to increase your size.  You may be asked if the X4 Labs extender device really works and by its purpose and the way it functions, one comes to think that this sounds good and will consider trying it.

However with most extenders, you don’t get your money back when the device fails to achieve what you want.  The X4 Labs Extender device is designed to increase your size, plain and simple, guaranteed.  In other words, should the product fail to give you the results you want, you have nothing to worry about, the company understands and will give your money back and improve upon the flaws.

The X4 Labs Extender device is designed to increase your size, plain and simple, guaranteed.

The customer feedback forum should give you an idea of the overwhelming satisfaction rate of the product.  Remember the product has had countless hours of testing, trials and clinical studies before entering the market to make it commercially available and to ensure Men’s safety and convenience of use.

The basic guarantee is congenial in that it will not limit only to your use of the device for the first few days but also extends to a warranty for the devices proper functioning for future use.

The X4 Labs extender comes with a guarantee that your penis will increase in size for 180 days. While it does not promise an overnight miracle, it guarantees that you’ll begin to see results both in length and girth of your penis in only six months, that’s 180 days!  Something to note down, is that there are hundreds of users who have actually felt the results in only the first and second months!

Not only do you enjoy the penis growth guarantee, but also your purchase entitles you to an unbeatable parts warranty. This means free replacement on any malfunctioning or broken piece – no questions asked!

Many men have heard of penis enhancements devices but have never actually tried any of them because they think that a lot of them don’t work. X4Labs understands this hesitation. That’s why they stand behind their product. The company’s engaged in continuing research and development because they know they’ve got a penis extender that is a cut above the rest.

There is another guarantee. We’ve covered the physical and post-sale guarantees. The third is the company’s support. X4 Labs enjoys the following of 30,000 members. That number is growing. There are customers who are also using the x4 Labs extender and who have not yet joined the forum. If genuine testimonials are important to you and your friends, sign up and join in the discussions:

Here’s an example of a conversation from the forum regarding the use of the device on the first day:

In addition to the purchase guarantees, another critical factor is that a penis extender must be doctor-approved.

Their are countless men that have showed their appreciation by providing feedback on their growth, just look at these.

You know the saying, seeing is believing and these photographic results provide some validity of what these men from all around the world see day after day.  There isn’t any arm-twisting marketing here. The device speaks for itself. All you need is the doctor’s nod of approval and your have it.

There are thousands of penis enhancement products in the market but only a few of them can claim that their products are doctor-approved. For a doctor’s recommendation, a product must pass certain criteria. Clinical studies are one. Evaluation of allergic reactions is another. Dr. Ruslan Petrovich from Russia ( and Dr. Stephen X. Guinta from the US ( are only two of the many doctors who have spoken for the x4 Labs penis extender.

Finally, the x4 Labs penis extender is classified as a class 1 medical device. In Canada, medical devices are either class 1, 2, 3 or 4. Class 1 means the device presents the lowest possible risk and hence requires no license. Read a x4 Lab review now and discover why x4 Lab is synonymous to comfort strap technology.