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When it comes to penis enhancement, two essential issues come to light:  length and girth.  We hear more about penis length than we do about girth.  Most men desire length, some are more interested in girth.  The x4 Labs extender girth edition was developed for the second group of men.

But let’s explain girth first.  The X4 Deluxe Penis Extender Girth Edition has the same trappings as the X4 labs Deluxe Extender except for one difference.  Key action is on enhancing the girth, or width of the penis.  Girth is defined by the “distance around something”, so in this case it would be, roughly speaking, the diameter.  To illustrate it better, here is a rough drawing that shows the difference between length and girth.

The length is the distance from where the pubic hairs start to all the way down to the meatus or glans.  The girth (in yellow) is where the yellow arrows are, going around the penis. If you study the before and after photos of the x4 Labs extender which you can find here:
(you’ll see that the photos focus on length, not the girth.)

Now the question:  how does one correctly measure girth?  The girth is measured by taking the widest area either at the head, shaft or base. For most men, the average girth size during erection is about 4 inches.  Teenage boys have a smaller girth, but their girth size grows as they get older.

The x4 Labs extender girth edition stands on its own merits:  At the most affordable price of $349.95 ($299.95 if you use Promo Code DISC50), you get the same spring loaded assembly and new hybrid support system that can complement the silicone harness and comfort strap technology.  Plus:

2 calibrated tension springs (1600 grams each)
2 silicone harnesses
2 comfort straps
4 memory foam comfort pads
Elongation bars (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
CD ROM with video tutorials and exercises
Instruction booklet

After benefiting from the 50$ discount, you will also enjoy free shipping and a 5-year warranty that are also included in the x4 Labs extender girth edition.

Some males have asked if the extender girth edition really works.  That’s like asking, will the deltoids increase in size with gym workouts and repetitive stress?  You’ve seen how lanky, undefined men turn into muscular and well-defined creatures after a fitness program that includes cardio and weights workouts.

Granted, the penis is NOT a muscle, but 2/3 of the penis is muscle-like in structure.  That means that while it will not grow as spectacularly as deltoids and biceps do when they are subject to pressure from the weights, the constant amounts of stress provided by the calibrated tension springs can stimulate the penis’ cell tissues.

The girth edition has a wide base ring that will allow for a comfortable and snug fit.

The CD ROM and instructional booklets are bonuses thrown in your girth edition package to help you monitor your girth progress.

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